Saturday, March 28, 2009

Even "Stars" have to do the dishes

So I performed the lead role tonight at the theatre company.

The audience was enthralled, enthusiastic and very complimentary.

My adrenaline was pumping, I was adding some funny little impromptu bits, and felt at the top of my game.

During our bows, the audience cheered wildly. It was truly Saturday night LIVE on stage.

Afterwards, a lovely older gentleman stopped me in my tracks to commend me on a performance that he felt was uniquely inspiring:

"The incredible JOY and WARMTH you exuded, the way you connected with the audience members and interacted with us was truly remarkable. You gave everyone a special gift tonight...and that gift came from within, it came from here (gesturing to his heart) and we all felt it. Thank you. Thank you for that gift."

Smiling ear to ear, I told the man - Douglas - he'd better stop before I ended up in blubbery tears.

I think that must have been one of the highest praises I have ever received in my life.

And then I came home.

In the past (my former "single" life) I would have gone out with my thespian buddies, had a drink and lots of laughs at the local pub.

But tonight, I just humbly gave a co-worker a ride home, continued onto my place, to find my two men - the little one and the big one - fast asleep.

The little one in his crib. The big one passed out on the couch, a glass of wine half drunk and a crappy "junk food for the brain" show on TV.

My family life.

At least my cat, dear Gadjette, came to greet me at the door. My best friend of ten fellow Night Owl pal.

So, I pet Gadjette, made myself some din-din, took out the recycling, did 45 minutes worth of dishes, soothed the baby, put away the laundry, sorted the piles of paperwork, gave the baby his midnight feeding, checked my email, and wiped the counters.

I am a mom.
I am a 'gifted' actress.
I am the Star of my own domain.

It may not be the way I imagined it in the 'fairy tale of my life', but I love it just the same.


  1. This post just put a huge grin on my face, and it ain't going anywhere. :)

  2. My goodness. I'm behind things! This is a wonderful post and I'm so happy for you!